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We provide good advice, legal support and practical solutions for people struggling with debts of all sizes.

Find out what you really have to pay – let us negotiate on your behalf and if we don’t reduce your debt, there’s no charge.

No Saving – No Fee!

Credit Card Debt

Bank Loans

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What you pay

We only charge according to the money we save.

Our Fee basis is simple – you only pay 12.5% of the difference between the original debt and the amount of the settlement.

So if we save you £100 you only pay us £12.50 – you keep nearly 90% of the saving!

If there’s no saving – there’s no fee!


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Credit Card Debt

Barclays were owed £49,197

Settled for £0  –  Saving £49,197

HSBC were owed £20,579

Settled for £6,000  –  Saving £14,579

BarclayCard were owed £11,221

Settled for £3,366  –  Saving £7,855

HSBC were owed £9,579

Settled for £0  –  Saving £9,579

Cabot were owed £17,656.65

Settled for £0  –  Saving £17,656.65

1st Credit were owed £7,504

Settled for £3,500  –  Saving £4,004

Consumer Debt

Santander were owed £7,629

Settled for £822  –  Saving £6807

Royal Bank of Scotland were owed £59,394

Settled for £16,000  –  Saving £43,394

CL Finance were owed £7057

Settled for £793  –  Saving £6,264

Royal Bank of Scotland were owed £35,747

Settled for £14,000  –  Saving £21,747

NatWest were owed £22,486

Settled for £10,000  –  Saving £12,486

Personal Guarantees

EVL were owed £250,000

Settled for £0  –  Saving £250,000

Barclays were owed £49,196

Settled for £0  –  Saving £49,196

NatWest were owed £17,347

Settled for £12,500  –  Saving £4847

HSBC were owed £9,759

Settled for £0  –  Saving £9,759

How we can help


We find the best solution for any debts – credit card debt & bank loans, especially those bought by debt purchaser companies, are our specialty and we also have extensive experience in personal guarantees


We have extensive knowledge of consumer law, regulations and banking law – and 20 years experience in consumer debt. We are experts in dealing with companies like Lowell, 1st Credit, Cabot, Hoist and other major debt purchasers.



We can represent you with all creditors and if a matter comes to Court, we may be able to represent you in a Small Claims case. If we cannot represent you in Court, we can help find an appropriate direct access Barrister to do so.


Through many years of experience, we know Creditors’ settlement parameters and objectives – and would be happy to negotiate on your behalf, whether with a credit card company, debt collector, debt purchaser or a financial institution.

Whether you just want to sort out long standing bank and credit card debt – or you are being harassed by debt collection agencies, we can advise you. We will review all legal aspects of your case and consider what solutions best suit you. We will try to defend cases and may even find that the debts are unenforcable, as we have many times. We then advise on your best options, taking into account your personal circumstances.

With over 30 years experience working in and managing credit card companies, banking and financial institutions, we have a thorough insight into the way debt is managed and regarded by the Corporate world. We know what they want, what they expect – and what they will accept. This knowledge makes us an invaluable member of your team and means we can always find a solution that makes you better off.

We can represent you in your dealings with the lender – we can represent you in a Small Claims case (typically up to £10,000) and with the Court’s permission, in a Fast Track case (up to £50,000). For larger amounts, we regularly work alongside legal counsel as a specialist financial advisor – we can even help you put together exactly the right legal team for your situation. So no matter how large or small your financial problem is, we’re here to help you.

We use the results of our review, and our knowledge of the debt market, to value your debt – then taking into account your personal financial circumstances, propose a settlement strategy. Then we can negotiate a settlement on your behalf (usually at a substantial discount) to find an agreeable conclusion. Sometimes we can even get the debt removed altogether – you can read about some of our successes below.

We have settled millions of pounds of debt – we know our way around the system very well, so we know how to find a great settlement for your position. We will always save you more than our fee – because if we dont find a saving, there’s no charge! So you’ve got nothing to lose. But don’t just take our word for it – read what we’ve achieved for some of our many satisfied customers in their testimonials below.

  • Total Debt managed 100%
  • Average paid by our clients 22%
  • Average saved by David & Goliath 78%

About Us

David & Goliath is a small company with a big heart.

David Bloom has three university degrees – including a Bachelor of Laws and a Masters of Law from Cambridge.

He has been Finance Director of CitiBell Telecom, Assoc. Director/Director of Warburg Securities, of Macquarie Bank and of Hill, Samuel & Co. David then spent 7 years as Chief Executive Officer of credit card company TradePro Card Services.

So David Bloom knows what it’s like to be Goliath. He has been active in the financial world for over 30 years and is said to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the UK on consumer credit regulations.

He has an enviable understanding of the business of debt – big and small.

David is the perfect man to have on your side when you go up against the Goliath of big businesses, global banks or debt collection agencies.

He’s not scared of any of them.

Confidentiality Assured

If you’re worrying about how you are ever going to get on top of that debt, just send me an email, or fill in the form below.

Let’s bring Goliath down.

Client Testimonials

“I used David and Goliath to sort out a nightmare problem I had with Alliance and Leicester Personal Finance and I ended up settling an old loan at 17% of its balance. I could ring them anytime and they were helpful during the whole process.”

Mrs J Lambert

Pensioner, Swindon

“David and Goliath does what it says on the tin – they stand up for individuals against the giants of banking and finance – in my case, they took on a massive bank and gradually wore them down until we agreed a settlement which was far better than had I just caved into the bank’s demands. I then used David Bloom to stop me from being ripped off by a photographer, who was aggressively demanding payment for a job even though he didn’t produce the goods. It took David Bloom three letters for the guy to back off. Once David dealt with it, I knew that I would win”

Rachel France

Director, Biomechanics Education Ltd.

“I got into debt well into five figures to a large extent after lending a considerable sum to a friend who never paid it back. Also I used credit cards to help pay school fees and ended up with credit card debt of just under £70,000. I signed up with Step Change, which managed payments well for a time but I was advised to contact David & Goliath, as otherwise I faced years of payment with no relief in sight. David & Goliath advised they would handle my case – and soon confirmed that the vast majority of debt was unenforceable. Due to the expertise, patience and diligence of David Bloom I am now debt free and my payments to creditors were under £6000. Two law degrees with a sharp mind cuts through a lot of red tape. I cannot recommend David & Goliath highly enough.”

Peter Watson

Business Executive, Dorset

“David Bloom of David and Goliath is a rare breed of lawyer – he is more concerned with results and justice than he is with fees – he doesn’t have a clock running and takes all the time in the world to ensure that as a client, I felt confident in what he was doing and that he was giving me the best advice.”

Paul Harrison

Company Director, Leeds

“Following difficulties with a business into which I had put my heart and soul, the bank tried to enforce its personal guarantee – David and Goliath worked tirelessly on my behalf – David Bloom even came to Nottingham to assist with a Court hearing – and then negotiated a settlement with the bank, saving me tens of thousands of pounds. My new business is now up and running successfully and my life has changed for the better thanks to his help.”
M.E. Haines

Business Owner, Midlands

“I had a nightmare with Lowell buying an old telephone debt which should never had been a debt in the first place – someone stole my phone and I was being sued for £1,800. The nightmare lasted 2 years and just before it got to Court, David and Goliath stepped in and Lowell withdrew their claim. Outstanding personal service – David Bloom knows more about these things than anyone I have ever come across. Couldn’t recommend highly enough”

Richard Conner

Sole Trader, Essex

“I worked with David some 7 years ago and found his professionalism, advice and cheerful nature when making difficult decisions and issues, to be most refreshing. Always prepared to go the extra mile for you, David’s tenaciousness is to be recommended to anyone who wants to see David indeed conquer Goliath.”

Guy Foster

Businessman, Surrey

“We all enter into covenants with the best of intentions and to be frank historically so did banking institutions. Seeing what we have recently in the press about how certain institutions are prepared to act, has given us all food for thought.

David Bloom is the answer to that thought and understands that the ‘Goliath’ isn’t always right and long may ‘David’s’ like him continue. I for one am hugely satisfied with the result he achieved on my behalf and would recommend him whole heartedly!”

Jonathan Williams

Chief Executive Officer, Shokk Energie

“Cabot bought an old credit card debt of mine – I was happy to pay it off but gave it to David and Goliath to deal with – they delved into the legal aspect and worked out it was unenforceable – so when Cabot started to sue me, they had to drop the case. It cost Cabot thousands in legal fees and I ended up not having to repay £18,000. Whilst I was happy to repay it, David and Goliath presented me with the best Xmas present I have had in years.”


Entrepreneur, London

“I first used David and Goliath three years ago to collect a debt owed to me. Since then, I don’t use anyone else for any of my legal work. Dedicated, hard working with a grasp of the law better than I have come across anywhere.”

Hans Parker

Business Owner, Wiltshire

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